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 .20 sq. ft. - with additional consultation necessary
* Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns in regards to pricing.

Pricing Information

Residential Property Inspection

  • A home 2000 sq. ft. or less includes a flat rate of $339
  • 2000 Sq. ft. and larger includes a flat rate of $339.00 along with an additional .10 cents per sq. ft. regarding all sq. ft. beyond the first 2000.​ Example  2500 sq.ft. =$339.00 + (500 x.10) =$389 for the inspection.
  • A home that was constructed prior to 1980 shall include an additional $50 charge.  
  • A home that includes a crawl space inspection shall be subject to an additional charge of up to $75.00 with the size and age of the structure needing to be considered.
  • Homes that include a Termite Inspection with W.D.I. Report shall include an additional charge of $100.
  • Pricing shall vary in relation to certain optional systems, such as outdoor buildings,  swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, underground sprinkler systems etc. An extended agreement which includes optional systems will need to be placed into effect before inspection. 
  • A fee that includes $150.00 shall be charged for a re-inspection if a system cannot be inspected due to decommissioning from a utility service provider. It is highly recommended that all the utilities which are providing service to a home are commissioned before inspection.                      

Payment may be provided by cash, check or credit card

Commercial Property Inspection 

203(k) Home Renovations

The allowable fees are structured in accordance with the cost of renovations completed, and are listed on the HUD website